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  Title, Description, License, Cost, Platform Release Date Size / Screen Downloads Rating/Votes
Physics Games 3.0
Physics games bring a lot of fun to us, and our mission is to gather the best of them in one place to help you find them. Here at phyfun.com, online flash games are mostly for free and they can be a lot of fun.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/98; Macintosh; Linux ]
18-Jul-2010 1,206 K 7
Contractor Agreement 1.1
Contractor Agreement. Contractor Agreement is an agreement for work between a company or an individual and a contractor.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X/CE; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS; Palm OS; Other OS ]
03-Jan-2006 64 K 7
PHP File Manager | CloudOsys 2.9b8
CloudOsys is a PHP file manager, a tool that allows your visitors to upload files such as media content directly to your website. Using the PHP file share technology which is built-in, visitors will upload files to your website and share.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/98; Macintosh; Linux ]
05-Nov-2010 1,448 K 7
Origramy 1.12
Origramy is a flash component allowing online editing and showing diagrams and graphs. Origramy has rich and intuitive interface, JavaScript support, wide data organization ways. Component data is stored in XML format allowing dynamic data updating.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows Vista/XP/ME/2000/98/95; Macintosh; Linux; Other OS ]
01-Oct-2007 570 K 7
TribalWarsManager 1.1.2
It can build buildings/resource fields, auto-farm, send resources, avoid attacks and much more. Many tools and statistics included. All reports on one page, that you can filter by date, type and more. Very usefull to have the control over everything.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/98; Macintosh; Linux ]
02-Aug-2009 11,214 K 7
RationalPlan Project Viewer for Mac 5.3.7811
RationalPlan Project Viewer is a free project scheduling software viewer, the perfect solution for anyone (from project stakeholders to team workers) to view your projects in detail.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Macintosh ]
18-Sep-2019 112,319 K 7
  CB Most Recent 1.0
This internet marketing software helps you to get the most recent Clickbank items, by date. Weekly update. You visit their pitch pages from within your own browser. The soft also displays the gravity, popularityrank, and the earnings per sale.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000; Macintosh; Other OS ]
01-Jun-2012 7,969 K 6
  BigSite Network Toolbar 2.0
The BigSite Connect Bar
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X/CE; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS; Palm OS; Multiplatform ]
30-May-2011 66 K 6
  Meta SearchMax 4.0
You access 49 carefully chosen search engines: the major ones, the secondary ones, however accurate: blog search, business and engineering search, forum search, meta search, images, videos, 3D display, how to, bi lingual, scientific, free eBooks.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000; Macintosh; Other OS ]
25-Sep-2013 3,079 K 6
  Atom feed builder 2.0
You build your Atom valid feeds in a few clicks within this Internet marketing software, which helps you to build your xsl files, to access feed building tutorials and Atom scripting resources as well.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000; Macintosh; Linux ]
28-Sep-2010 6,538 K 6
Free College Courses 1.00.1
Find out how to go to an online college and get tuition assistance to help with funding. There are many college course options and many degrees to choose from. Read how other people are getting their degree at almost no cost to them.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98; Macintosh; Other OS ]
19-Feb-2009 138 K 6
Free VISCOM Web Video Player 3.32
VISCOM Web Player is a free web video player for website, it is an easy and convenient way to add single or multiple video to any websites, including video share sites, online Training, Education and Distance Learning , your blog, Myspace, forum.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 7/XP/98; Macintosh; Linux ]
15-May-2015 11,996 K 5
ePhoto Uploader Firefox Addon 1.0.0
ePhoto Uploader is a free firefox extension to allow you to upload any image from websites you are browsing to your ePhotoBay account. You can upload images from websites, forums, private email box, local intranet, local PC.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000; Macintosh; Linux; Other OS ]
15-Nov-2012 13 K 5
YoudaFarmer3Mac 1.6
In Youda Farmer 3: Seasons, the Bigboss is long gone and your farm is finally faring well. During a stormy winter night however, disaster strikes, reducing most of your farm to rubble.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Macintosh ]
10-May-2011 20,254 K 5
SyncMate 6.3
SyncMate syncs data on Mac with Android, iPhones, iPads, iPods, other Macs, Google and Dropbox accounts, iCloud any mounted storage devices, MTP devices.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Macintosh ]
02-Mar-2016 52,941 K 5
Free VPN Client 1.4
VPN service offers to preserve anonymity on the web and encrypt the transferred data. VPN provides a secure connection, hides your real IP address and encrypts the transferred data (correspondence, passwords, sent files).
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/2000; Macintosh ]
09-Oct-2009 1,121 K 5
Solar Greenhouse Kit 1
Greenhouse Kit-This kit includes the 20' Conservatory Greenhouse with two Easy-Flow Louver Solar Openers, eight base vents, and two tie-down kits. The tie down kits will be necessary to secure your greenhouse, as the Conservatory Greenhouse kit
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/CE; Macintosh; Palm OS ]
19-Aug-2009 448 K 5
  Quikbar 2.12
QuikBar features dozens of Full Screen Slots, Arcade, Action, Board and Card Games all with no downloads! These are Complete Games with No Ads and No charge to play. Just Great Free Fun!!
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/2000/98; Macintosh ]
15-Oct-2007 579 K 5
  BulletProofWebHostingSender 1.50
anonymous bulk email software
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X/CE; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux ]
01-Dec-2002 611 K 5
Anuko Time Tracker 1.8
Anuko Time Tracker is a simple, free, open source, web-based time and expense tracking system. It allows you to create user logins and organize them in teams, create and modify projects and tasks, input work time, and generate reports and invoices.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000; Macintosh; Linux; Other OS ]
24-Dec-2014 1,239 K 4
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