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 GemRB: The Infinity Engine Clone

GemRB is an Infinity Engine Emulator. The Infinity Engine is the Game Engine developed by BioWare Inc. used in games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment.

The first scope of this project is to make a portable software which can emulate every function of the original Infinity Engine. GemRB will work on Unix/Linux Systems, MacOs X, and Windows.

To play a game using GemRB you have to own a legal copy of it, since we do not distribute any part of the BioWare/Black Isle/Interplay work.

Actually GemRB is in a Earlier Alpha phase, this means that you can Generate your own PC, move around in the map, listen to music, watch movies, CutScenes, and much more, but it is still not playable. During the development process we will release some Demo of the Emulator, these will give an idea of the actual state of development of the project.

Here is the list of the latest implemented GemRB Features:

GemRB v0.2.2.6 Added Features:
  • New Plugins:
    - GAM Importer
  • New Features:
    - In-Game Script Interpreter
    - Added Console functions to run/evaluate In-Game Script Functions
  • Optimizations:
    - Now the Decompression Phase is fast also on Systems with Low Memory (Thanks to Cable)
  • Console Output Cleanup
  • Applied Patches:
    - 862003: ZLib Decompression Fix for Low Memory Systems (Submitted bu Cable)
    - 862660: GameOnCD Option (Saves a big amount of Cache Space while having a full game installation) (Submitted by Cable)

    GemRB v0.2.2.5 Added Features:
  • Added some In-Game Script OpCodes:
    - PlaySound
    - CreateVisualEffect
    - CreateVisualEffectObject
    - DestroySelf
  • Fixed some In-Game Script OpCodes:
    - Face: is now a Blocking OpCode
    - Global: Added support for GLOBALS & LOCALS Contexts
    - SetGlobal: Added support for GLOBALS & LOCALS Contexts
  • Optimizations:
    - Little Speedup in the BlitSpriteMode function

    GemRB v0.2.2.4 Added Features:
  • Planescape: Torment support Added
  • Rewritten the Audio Driver to use OpenAL (no more FMOD)
  • Added Basic In-Game Scripts support
  • Added a PathFinder
  • Added Basic Visual Effects (VVC)

    GemRB v0.2.2.0 Added Features:
  • Major Bug Fixed: Never Freeing Plugin Instances
  • A fully working BG2 Character Generation GUI
  • Basic IWD/IWD2/BG1 GUI Implementation
  • Now you can Enter the Main Area after the Character Generation
  • Colored Characters
  • Basic Character Selection
  • Basic Door Manipulation (Open/Close state)
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Interactive Console
    and Much More.
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    Quick facts
    Product GemRB: The Infinity Engine Clone
    Publisher GemRB Developers Team
    Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95; Macintosh; Linux; Multiplatform
    Filesize 877 K
    Released 04-Jan-2004
    License Open Source
    Cost $0.00
    Expires Never Expires
    Homepage http://gemrb.sourceforge.net
    View screenshot
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 549 (0)
    Rating 9.66 (0)
    Votes 6 (0)
    Summary rating +5.39 (0)
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